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What our clients say

Love my new cheeks. Dr Robert has golden hands!


Just wanted to say what n amazing job you guys have done! I’m really happy with the results and I will be back again soon!! Thank you.


I just want to thank you for my lips. I love them a lot and its only been a couple of days. Thank you again for your wonderful work.

Deanna M

Dr Fara, I just have to say wow!! AMAZING! I had my lips done by Dr Fara yesterday in Wellington and honestly the most professional but friendly and happy “lip doctor” I have had! I am 100% coming back for more! Lips are quite swollen today but honesty if they stayed this way, I wouldn’t even mind. The shape is absolutely perfect. Thankful I was referred to you.

Ash D

By far the best experience with filler I have ever had. Zero pain or discomfort at all. Dr Fara is extremely talented and uses advanced techniques to create beautiful natural looking full lips! I’m honestly in love. Thank you!

Brooke F

Who are Glowry Cosmetic Clinic?

Glowry Cosmetic Clinic is an Auckland Clinic specialising in Appearance medicine and Orthodontics. It opened its purpose-built premises within the Prestigious NextGen Gym and Health Spa at the Auckland Domain, in December 2020.

Glowry Cosmetic Clinic is a collaboration between Wellington Cosmetic Clinic and the former Glowry Limited, to offer to Auckland the most diverse and comprehensive range of Non-surgical Aesthetic, Skin Rejuvenation, Orthodontic and Dental Therapeutic treatments. In addition, our Medical division will be offering the best value hair transplant options to our patients.

The clinic is led by its three directors, Dr Robert Jones, Dr Fara Rahnama and Dr Roderick Mulgan.

Robert brings over 40 years’ experience in Dental and Oral Surgery, Orthodontics and, for the last 12 years, International experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Fara is an internationally recognised and published Medical Scientist who has recently been at the forefront of New Zealand’s fight against the Covid 19 Pandemic. She has over 6 years of International training in Aesthetics, Hair Transplant and Skin rejuvenation.

Roderick is both a General Practitioner and Barrister and brings his wealth of Medical Knowledge to our team.

We are supported by a highly trained team of Registered Nurses, Beauty Therapists and administrators, we look forward to the opportunity to look after your Aesthetic needs.


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