During a laser tattoo removal procedure, the practitioner guides a laser over the area of the tattoo. Unlike a laser pointer that produces a continuous beam of light, tattoo removal lasers produce pulses of light energy. The type of laser we have in the clinic is called a Q-switched laser by ACROMA. Q-switched lasers are very safe for the surrounding skin but effective when targeting and breaking down the pigment of a tattoo.

How does it work?

Each pulse of energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink. As the tattoo ink particles absorb the energy, they heat up and then shatter into tiny fragments. Then, over the weeks following treatment, the body’s immune system flushes the tattoo ink particles away from the location, lightening the appearance of the tattoo. Each laser treatment breaks down more and more of the tattoo ink until none remains.

What can we treat?

Tattoos come in all different colours but the colours we can treat successfully are black and red. We cannot treat cosmetic tattoos.

The number of sessions needed differs with every patient, so a consultation is required along with a test patch before any appointment for the full treatment is made.


BTx TreatmentsNew Patient Consultation50book now
BTx Treatments1 Area (Frown or Crows or Forehead)250book now
SPECIAL unpublishedLip Augmentation + One area Anti-Wrinkle800 450book now
BTx Treatments2 Areas (Any two of the above)350book now
BTx Treatments3 Areas (All three areas)500book now
BTx TreatmentsGummy Smile150book now
BTx TreatmentsLip Flip125book now
BTx TreatmentsLower Face and Chin175book now
BTx TreatmentsPlatysmal BandsPOAbook now
BTx TreatmentsNefertiti LiftPOAbook now
BTx TreatmentsJaw SlimmingPOAbook now
PDO threadsPDO threads Consultation50book now
PDO threadsPDO threadsPOAbook now
Dermal FillersDermal Filler Consultation50book now
LipCheekLip Augmentation480book now
LipCheekLip Hydration380book now
LipCheekVolumising Filler (1 ml, all areas)750book now
LipCheekVolumising Filler (2 ml, all areas)1200book now
LipCheekVolumising Filler (3 ml, all areas)1450book now
LipCheekVolumising Filler (4 ml, all areas)1700book now
NoseNose Augmentation Consultation50book now
NoseNose FillersPOAbook now
Dermal FillersTear Troughs650book now
Dermal FillersChin Fillers450book now
Dermal FillersSculptra® Filler700book now
Dermal FillersHand Rejuvenation850book now
Mesotherapy – Ultra V Air ShineMesotherapy Consultation50book now
PRP – Plasma Replacement TherapyPRP Consultation50book now
Plasma PenPlasma Pen Consultation50book now
Facials DermaplaningDermaplaning120book now
Dermal NeedlingDermal Needling250book now
Dermal NeedlingDermal Needling with Serums300book now
Mesotherapy – Ultra V Air ShineMesotherapy – Ultra V Air Shine, 1 ml325book now
Mesotherapy – Ultra V Air ShineMesotherapy – Ultra V Air Shine, 3ml550book now
Mesotherapy – Ultra V Air ShineAddition of Botox95book now
PRP – Plasma Replacement TherapyPRP – Plasma Replacement Therapy600book now
PRP + MesoPRP + Mesotherapy800book now
HyperhidrosisHyperhidrosis Consultation 50book now
HyperhidrosisHyperhidrosis Treatment POAbook now
TMJ/BruxismTMJ / Bruxism Consultation 95book now
TMJ/BruxismTMJ / Bruxism Treatment POAbook now
Gummy SmileGummy Smile Consultation 50book now
Gummy SmileGummy Smile 1st Treatment 150book now
Gummy SmileGummy Smile Treatment 100book now
Fungal Nail InfectionFungal Nail Infection Consultation 50book now
Fungal Nail InfectionFungal Nail Infection Treatment POA
MigrainesMigraines Consultation 95book now
MigrainesMigraines Treatment POA
Scar and Acne RevisionScar and Acne Revision Consultation 95book now
Scar and Acne RevisionScar and Acne Revision Treatment POA
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign® Consultation95book now
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentClinCheck Assessment600
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign® Clear Braces5000
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign® Clear Braces7500
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign® Clear Braces9000
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentInvisalign® Clear BracesPOA
Invisalign® Orthodontic TreatmentVivera Retainers850
Fixed BracesFixed Braces Consultation50book now
Fixed BracesSingle arch4500*
Fixed BracesUpper & lower arches6500*
Laser Teeth WhiteningLaser Teeth Whitening Consultation95book now
Laser Teeth WhiteningLaser Teeth Whitening Treatment350book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Eyes249book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Full Face850book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Half Face699book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Cheeks & Jowls450book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Full Face, Jowls & Neck1299book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Abdomen tightening1390book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningDecolletage699book now
Ulfit Skin TighteningULfit – Hollywood Lift, Full Face799 699book now
Facials China DollChina Doll Carbon Laser Facial210book now
Facials MicrodermabrasionAquaPure Full Face 150book now
Facials MicrodermabrasionAquaPure add on Neck & Decolletage49book now
Facials MicrodermabrasionAquaPure add on Hands75book now
Facials MicrodermabrasionHydrating Mask40book now
Plasma PenPlasma PenPOA
Laser Hair RemovalConsultation0book now
Laser Hair RemovalBikini45book now
Laser Hair RemovalChest65book now
Laser Hair RemovalChin20book now
Laser Hair RemovalFemale Brazilian55book now
Laser Hair RemovalForearm45book now
Laser Hair RemovalFull Arms55book now
Laser Hair RemovalFull Back80book now
Laser Hair RemovalFull Face55book now
Laser Hair RemovalHalf Face35book now
Laser Hair RemovalFull Legs99book now
Laser Hair RemovalHalf Legs59book now
Laser Hair RemovalLower Back49book now
Laser Hair RemovalNipple Area40book now
Laser Hair RemovalShoulders60book now
Laser Hair RemovalTummyline/Abdomen35book now
Laser Hair RemovalUnderarms30book now
Laser Hair RemovalUpper and Chin35book now
Laser Hair RemovalUpper Lip20book now
Photo RejuvenationFull Face250book now
Photo RejuvenationHalf Face180book now
Photo RejuvenationFull Face and Neck300book now
Photo RejuvenationHands180book now
Photo RejuvenationChestPOA
Pigment LesionsFull Face250book now
Pigment LesionsHalf Face180book now
Pigment LesionsSpot treatment60book now
Pigment LesionsHands180book now
Pigment LesionsChestPOA
Pigment LesionsOther AreasPOA
Telangiectasia and VenulectasiaSpot treatment60
Telangiectasia and VenulectasiaAll other AreasPOA
Tattoo RemovalTattoo Removalfrom $250 per sessionbook now
Fat Freeze by CooltechSmall Cup425book now
Fat Freeze by CooltechMedium Cup545book now
Fat Freeze by CooltechLarge Cup845book now
Fat Freeze by CooltechAdd-on Medium cup to any of above445book now
Body Contouring by ULfitSide of underarm290book now
Body Contouring by ULfitKnees315book now
Body Contouring by ULfitUpper Arms550book now
Body Contouring by ULfitOuter / Inner Thighs690book now
Body Contouring by ULfitAbdomen845book now
Double Chin TreatmentsBelkyra Consultation95book now
Double Chin TreatmentsBelkyra Fat DissolvingPOA
Double Chin TreatmentsCooltech425book now
Double Chin TreatmentsULfit Fat Melting and Skin Tightening699book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerCentral Abdominal150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerAbdominals150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerLegs / Arms150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerButtocks150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerPelvic Floor Rehab150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerIncontinence150book now
Magnetic Muscle Sculpting by Tesla FormerErectile Dysfunction150book now

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